From Holiday to Hired

Our Journey With Marabans

Filming Coffee Brand Marabans
Picture this: lounging on the sandy beaches of Mallorca, soaking in the Mediterranean sun of a well-deserved holiday. Little did we know, our vacation would soon turn into a serendipitous journey with our recent client – Marabans, Mallorca’s leading coffee company.
Like on all of our holidays, we took the opportunity to use our drone and capture the islands stunning scenery. These reels above are from Es Pontas in Cala Santanyi and from Cala Figuera, a picturesque old fishing village which was our favourite port we visited in the whole of Majorca. We returned from our break to an enquiry from Marabans, Majorca’s top coffee company! Coincidence? We think not. It was as if the universe had aligned to bring us this incredible opportunity.
2 men filming at coffee company, Marabans
Man and woman looking at camera
Gaggia La Precisa Coffee Machine. Marabans
Marabans, known for their amazing coffee in Majorca, also have a distribution network here in the UK. They approached us to create a series of videos for their website, showcasing their stunning coffee machines. Additionally, they needed a captivating walkthrough video of their premises and training showroom.
One man filming another pouring coffee. Latte art
Man filming close up of coffee, latte
The filming day was a blast, filled with machine demos, coffee knowledge and of course, plenty of tasting sessions! Take a look at our behind the scenes photos courtesy of Marabans. Thanks to Marabans for trusting us to bring your vision to life. Here’s to unexpected opportunities and the power of manifestation!
Man with glasses films with Sony camera

Check out the product videos we created here: